$16.95 USD
  • Quickest and simplest way to brew a cup of tea using either loose leaves or bagged tea
  • Ideal for drinking loose leaves tea even without a teapot
  • Perfect for adding extra flavour like cinnamon, orange peel, fresh mint or cardamom to your tea
  • This Tea Infuser measures 1.6 x 1 x 7.5 inches overall - the perfect size to carry along wherever your tea adventures may take you! 
  •  Material:  Stainless steel + Food grade PP plastic
  •  Net weight: Approx 25g
How to use:
 1. Fill the infuser with loose tea (max 1 tbsp) or one tea bag.
 2. Close and place into a cup of hot water.
 3. Steep to taste.
 4. Swirl, stir or press the plunger gently to release more flavor.